Saturday, March 05, 2016

staying stylish while staying warm - THE END

here is the final feature for this 
"staying stylish while staying warm" 

this series has been such a wonderful experience for me to do. 

i want to sincerely thank everyone who agreed to got out in the cold with me. 
there would be no series without all of you. 

my goal with this was to show you.... yourselves. 
i wanted you and everyone who came to to see you. 
and know how fantastic i think you are. 

i chose to do this in the winter for a multitude of reasons. 
the challenge. 
the beauty within the snow.
i find that winter clothing at some point have to give way to practicality. 

i wanted to show how other people ensured to merge their representation of self while being faced with the reality of needing to stay warm. 
i also think that winter style forces us to get creative. 
that everyone does it a little different.

bye for now everyone



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