Monday, March 03, 2014


model: laura

song/artist: biko/bloc party

well here we are subject #28!
 i can't believe the final post is here. 
i am exhausted. 
ha ha ha.

today's song choice is by all time favourite band
 bloc party. 
they are not together any longer... 
as far as i know. 
there were rumours that they were getting back. 
either way i love them. 

sorry i went MIA over the weekend. 
i decided to take a little break and have some fun. 

this gorgeous face is laura.
she is the last and final feature for this series. 
laura is last because she is literally the last person i photographed for this series. 

laura and i work together. 
laura is a 
highly creative, 

she is a very talented makup artist. 
check out here blog:

she will be updating it there with some awesome makeup tips and creative ish.

her look is so wonderful. 
i always look forward to seeing how her makeup will look when she comes to work. 

until the day of our shoot i had no idea that laura is also a very talented artist. 
i photographed her at her apartment 
 before we started shooting, 
i got to see her paintings. 
in that moment it all made sense. 
her ability to do such gorgeous makeup is because is a fantastic painter and sketcher. 

i have always admired people who can draw and paint. 
i am terrible at both of these things. 
i always wished drawing had been my talent. 

here are the photographs laura and i created just a few short weeks ago.

bye for now

(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: loathe winter.
i thrive like a lizard in the sun.

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: my jacket. i wouldn't go out if not for it (see q #1)
(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: i am a leo

(4.) describe your style in three words...
a: cheap, basic, annnnnnd makeup. 
but none of those to describe each other.
ha ha ha.


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