Saturday, February 22, 2014

two cups

model: skylar

song/artist: 2 cups/lil debbie


i want to jump right into my song choice for today. 
if you haven't heard of lil debbie. 
then you are behind on pop culture.

by the way i am a pop culture slut. 

i want to state for the record
she is original. 
she has taken hip hop culture in a different direction. 
and she has been copied by EVERYONE. 

some reasons why i love her... 
she has brought a female voice back to hip hop. 
since lil kim and foxy brown there have been very few female MC that can sell sex 
and still be powerful. 
lil debbie to me is this balance. 

a lot of people will focus on the content of her lyrics, 
and others people may say that she is profiting from "black" culture. 
but to me the lyrics are all in fun.
 and i think that she is adding something new to the idea of "black" culture.  and hip hop culture for that matter. 
i believe there is room for everyone and anyone in hip hop culture. 
what is most important is that you are orginal!
you can't do what has already been done, that is lame.
in the end haters are gunna hate. 
and i love lil debbie.
ha ha ha. 

subject #21 is a guy who shares my sentiment...
his name is 

i met skylar through karen

a few months back lil debbie made a club appearance here in toronto. 
i, was working sadly and couldn't make it. 
but karen and skylar did! 
before they left for the club event, karen and skylar met up at my work. 
 THE moment i saw skylar i fell in love. 
he was wearing THE most fantastic outfit i had seen in a while. 
and i immediately fan-girled him!

skylar's style is triumphant. 
as you can see in the photos he has finely crafted his style. 
he has an affirmed eye for design, pattern, texture, colour and a superior ability to put them together.
anyone, can go to a store and buy the latest trends. 
but only true fashionistas can make them come to life.
that is key.
great style is when YOU are wearing the clothes. 
NOT when the clothes are wearing YOU.
and skylar understands this on another level.

that night karen and skylar met lil debbie and got invite to an after party by her. 

in my opinion,
the invite happened because when i see them together 
i want to know where they are going.. 
who they are into.. 
what they like... 
overall how they see the world.
i think lil debbie saw the same things in them.
i was terribly jealous that i didn't make the appearance. 

skylar seems very quiet initially. 
but when he got in front of my lens he was on point! 
he had poses and moves i was not anticipating. 
he is someone that i really loved photographing. 
and while going through his roll,
trying making selects for this post,
i found it difficult to choose
because there were so many great shots.

but in the end i think i chose wisely. 

here is skylar.


(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: i loathe winter.  

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: my favorite piece is my wool cape because it makes me feel flossy.

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: my sign is cancer.

(4.) describe your style in three words....
a: my style is textured, androgynous, and quirky


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