Tuesday, February 11, 2014

simple things

model: eric

song/artist: simple things/miguel

good afternooooon

today's song choice is a little more girly then i usually listen to. 
but there is something about miguel's voice in this track that is intoxicating. 

when i first heard the song i found it irritating. 
but i gave a few extra listens, 
to be sure my inital judegement was not way off the mark. 
 turns out, that initial judgement, was off. 
and i really enjoy this song.

i was reading some of the comments about the song on soundcloud 
and the one posted below was my favourite:

i couldn't have said it better myself. ha ha ha. 

my eleventh subject is eric. 
i met eric through nolan (re: party girls)
noaln and eric are thick as thieves. 

upon meeting eric, i thought 
"he's a nice guy." 
"he's very very tall." 
"he loves the gym."
 "looks like bay street dude" 
"king west kid."

 i thought that i had him all figured out. 
 as the night progressed and i listened to him and nolan 
making fun of each other, 
discussing their week with the ladies,
their workout schedules

i knew my initial judgement was right.

i also learned, 
that eric is just as hilarious 
and charming 
and outgoing 
as nolan. 

told the group of us
 a hilarious story about his adolescence.
where i also learned, that he was raised by a,
 strong single mom,
who kept his trouble makin' ass in check! 

the most surprising thing i learned about eric,
 is that he is a dad to the most darling little chihuahua.

after meeting eric, 
i added him on instagram and found these precious photos:

and a bunch more. 

to know that this giant man has given his heart to this little dog is so splendid.

when eric and i met to do take these photographs i could tell that he was nervous. 
and he could not anticipate what we would be doing. 

he kept saying 
"i have never done this before" 
"is this okay?" 
"is that okay?" etc. etc. 

i continuously reassured him that all he had to do was stand there. 

i was disappointed that i didn't have more time with him. 
but i do want to photograph eric again. 
i think he has an interesting look to him. and a great personality.

eric, you surprised in the most enchanting way.

here is numba eleven in this series. 

enjoy and see ya tomorrow. 

(note* eric texted me the answers to these questions instead of us doing a voice interview in the moment like everyone else.... this is what he texted to me weeks after we had shot.) 
(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
 a: i loathe winter because i prefer to be naked.

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
 a: my favourite clothing i am wearing right now is my underwear... because it holds me so tight.

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: i am a gemini
(4.) describe your style in three words....
a: tall, dark and handsome


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