Wednesday, February 19, 2014

shells of silver

model: pynn

song/artist: shells of silver/ the japanese popstars

*the link below is the beautiful remix... listen to the top one first.

The Japanese Popstars feat. James Vincent McMorrow - Shells of Silver (White Sea remix)

good evening everyone....

i hope that you all enjoyed the teaser vid i posted earlier this afternoon. 
the full length video will be available for consumption at the end of the series.

today's song selection is a song that i repeatedly listened to back in october.
at the time,
i was just starting to get my zeal back for shooting.
it is sooo wonderful how music can instantly take you back to how you felt when you first heard it. that is so magical.
subject number 18 is here!
you all remember pynn from this post earlier in the series..... 
well, this is our makeup shoot. 
if you read the post, you will read, why we needed a re-shoot. 
so, go back, and have a little read. 

i think that we did much better this time around. 

to me this is who pynn is. 
the easy going, 
fun loving, 
hockey player from newfoundland. 

i love this outfit on him. 
he may have to wear a suit. 
but to me, this outfit is pynn. 

on the day we shot this, 
pynn came with both of those flannels and couldn't decide which to wear. 
 i said what is there to choose wear them both. 
they will look great together. 
he could not wrap his mind around the possibility of two different patterns going together. 
but they do.
he was very reluctant. 
and i got my way.

he then went on to tell me that the outter one was his father's. 
and that it was older then pynn is himself.  

this is really special,
because pynn's father,
 passed away, seven years ago, after losing his battle with cancer. 
and that flannel shirt is one of the prized possessions pynn has.   

what a wonderful treasure to hold on to. 
this item of clothing,
that keeps him physically warm and sentimentally warm. 
it is so perfect.

in my opinion, 
hand-me-down clothes from our parents are of more value then, 
any stock portfolio, piece of property, fine china, family heirloom, financial inheritance etc. 
our parents could ever leave us upon passing away.

clothing is what they lived their lives in. 

it represented who they were in this world while they were here.
and what better item to receive then an item that his father lived his life in. 
there is nothing better.

because in the end, the experience (the living) of life is the point of each person's existence here.
to experience life with all of our senses.

pynn, can look at that flannel and know that his father
felt the same fabric,
the same stitching,
that he saw the same pattern
maybe just maybe, pynn and his father had similar experiences (similar living experiences) while wearing that shirt.
what a great gift to have. 

below is a photo of pynn's father wearing, the humbly regal, shirt.... at the very least
 they were both photographed in that handsome flannel.

 here are the rest of pynn's photographs with me. 

thank you pynn.


(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: i love winter. 
it's a prerequisite to being from newfoundland.

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: the plaid jacket - it was my dad's. and it's badass!

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: i'm a libra

(4.) describe your style in three words....
a: t-shirt and jeans


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