Friday, February 21, 2014

get em high for this

model: wellington

song/artist: get em high for this (ellie goulding x kanye west x chip ivory)

happy friday everyone.

subject #20 is a guy who has my heart.
and always will.
this is my baby brother, 

wellington hates all things emotional.
but i am going to wax on poetically about him and my love for him for this whole post. 

wellington is the baby in our family of five siblings. 

according to science,
wellington is not suppose to be here.
my mother had her tubes tied when wellington was conceived.
she had a slim chance of getting pregnant again
but alas
 out comes little wellington.
to me, this reads, as wellington is suppose to be here. 

he is a great soul to have in this world.
we are all very lukcy.
wellington is very fun to be around.
he is light, easy,
a very happy-go-lucky person.
please do not ever lose that wellington. 

he is also VERY bright.
i have deep,
introspective conversations
that i often can not even have with adults i know.

at fifteen his intelligence and questions about life and the functions of the world far exceed the capacity most people can hope to gain in their late age. 

wellington has always been my shadow.
from the time he could walk he was with me.

when wellington was born i was sixteen years old.
and of course,
EVERYONE thought he was my child.
because society can have real twisted views some times. 

wellington would greet me every day with a huge, screaming, running, hug when i would get home from school.
this little action changed my entire perception of unconditional love.

i was an average, angry, angst ridden teenager and i imagine that i was not fun to be around at times. but wellington never cared.
everyday he would give me grand fanfare upon my arrival.
because his love is unconditional.

wellington is someone i love being around.
even when we bicker.
and argue.
it is always in love.
growing up in this warner household, is not easy.
we do not make it easy.
so, when other see our "crew" out and about together they can get very overwhelmed by us.
but if you want to be in our "crew"....
you need to be tough.
we are not for the weak. 

the reason for this, is simple....
if your family can't tell you when you are being shitty,
then now one can.
and if you can't hear it from your family ,
then you will never hear it.
that is something my mother has always said to us.
we (the family) need to be the first people telling each other the negatives within ourselves.
only then can we truly overcome those neagtives.
and move on to celebrate full-heartedly the positives.  

 i want you to know that this time in your life is going to feel like it is all really important.
but i promise you high school and your adolescence is a VERY minor blip on the scope that is your  whole life. 
you do not have to have "it" figured out, yet.
take your time!
BUT you do have to have a job while you are figuring it out.
that is my only rule for you. 

you are a fantastic person and i love you more then these words can do justice.
but please take them as my most opulent attempt to show you unconditional love.

have a great weekend everyone


ps.  disclaimer....
for the record...
in these images of wellington it looks like a crime scene investigation is going on behind him.
 it was not a crime scene.
it was after that major storm right before christmas that knocked out the power.
my street had been blocked off due to a major power line being down.
initially, i thought it would be a great background.
while editing these photographs i realized it looks like something else entirely.

(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: so so...
(my voice in the background "what the hell does that mean? ha ha ha")
like sometimes i like it.
but i... sometimes i don't.
ha ha ha ha

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: uh. probably my skate highssss!
and my plaid shirt
and my kanye shirt 
and my jacket
and my jeans 

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: libra

(4.) describe your style in three words...
a: crazy, sexy, cool 
lol lol.... 
umm no.... 
fun, chill, laid back.


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