Sunday, February 23, 2014


model: leora

song/artist: fu-gee-la/fugees

heelo all. 

as some of you may know, i am canadian. 
and today we won our 2nd gold metal in hockey at the winter olympics. 
(essentially, living up to our stereotype)

for the record, 
i am not into the olympics. 
so for me.... 
this is just another sunday.
 but congratulations to everyone else who care about this win. 

 moving on to things that i think are cool...
today's song choice is one that i had forgotten about. 
the fugees in '96 were a big deal. 
this video is awesome. 
all of the members look like they are having such a good time while shooting this vid. 
and lauryn hill.... looks unreal beautiful. 
her style is so on point.
 i am going to post the video at the end for you all to enjoy. 

subject# 22 
is a woman who is near 
very dear to my heart.
may i introduce 
leora is one of the most 
hilariously awkward, 
quick witted, 
strong women i know.

she is someone who will do anything for her friends and family. 

i have been through some tough situations in the last few years and leora is one of three friends who was really there for me. 
she would text me everyday to ask if i needed anything. 
or just simply ask if i was okay. 
and the reality is this was not just a courtesy call. 
she meant it. 
whatever i needed she would do it for me. 

leora is someone who has no problem being inconvenienced by her friends and family. 
because for her, when she loves someone it is all in. 
and unconditional. 

 another part of leora's personality is that she is sooo awkwardly funny. 
to new people this part of her personality can be off putting. 
but for me it is a riot. 
and it makes leora really fun to be around. 

the moment that i fell in love with leora was when she made this statement to me.

" i would rather be seen as funny than sexy to men."

this statement blew my mind. 
it was the first time i had met a women who saw her beauty and sex appeal as an insignificant aspect of how she defines herself. 
she does not want her sex appeal to be a factor in the presentation of who she is. 

this statement changed me. 

i had never thought of my humour in association to the confines of my outward appearance. 
for leora, being funny is the sexy. 
she enjoys taking moments that are suppose to be a "sexy" moments and flipping them into a situation to be laughed at.

to all of the women who read this article today.... 
i urge to examine how would you be funny rather then sexy.  
i challenge you to use your "funny" to engulf people. 
rather then your physical appearance.

we as women can list hundreds of products, diets, workouts, clothes, etc. that will make our exterior selves "sexier."
but how many of us can really list how we are funny. 
because in the end we have been taught, as women, to master how to be sexy on the outside... 
but not trained in how to be outwardly funny.

what would be your funny?
would you be goofy? 
can you let go and be weird?
would you be witty? 

because being sexy on the outside is great. 
but if people do not enjoy your company 
who cares how sexy you look.

i am a better woman because i have leora in my life.
i am a better person because i have leora in my life.
i would never give her up for any amount of money (or sexiness) in the world.

thank you for letting me into your circle, leora.
i love you. 

bye for now 

(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: i always start off loving winter.... and then i quickly remember that i hate it

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: i am so bad at dressing for winter.
i never check the weather,
and i am never prepared.
i love these boots,
they make me feel like i can take on the world

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: crazy sagittarius

(4.) describe your style in three words...
a: hit and miss

zee fugee video....


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