Thursday, February 06, 2014

feeling good

model: caroline

song/artist: feeling good/nina simone

good morning

toronto we made it through the snow!!!
for now. 
i hope you took my advice from the last post.
and "fed your soul" yesterday.

this morning, i am in an intense soul mood. 
so, today's song feature is a true classic.
from the late great
nina simone.
so much depth.
so much spirit.
so much talent.

one of my guilty pleasure shows, was gossip girl.
i know, judge away.
i am fine with it.
anyway, the reason i am mentioning this is because there was a dialogue in an episode that said

"fashion is the most powerful art there is.
it's movement.
and architecture all in one.
it shows the world who we are
and who we'd like to be."

this statement, admirably, defines fashion.
it ties together the idea that our clothes..
are the first communication we make to other people.
 long before you open your mouth, to express your ideas, thoughts, values, mood, spirit, soul etc.
your clothes have spoken for you.

my sixth subject, understands this reality very well.
i'd like to introduce

caroline and i, had worked together for a little more the six years.
in that time.... i have watched her discover her niche in this world.
i always knew her niche was fashion.
but every person has to realize their calling.
on their own.

so, as caroline tried career after career.
degree after degree.
i would always kindly suggest fashion.
she would disregard it.
but by my fifth suggestion (which had felt like my 100th)
she looked into it.

caroline, went to george brown for fashion merchandising.
upon graduating she opened an awesome clothing store with a friend/fellow student.

their store is called
sylvie and shimmy
is the link to their website.
the store is wonderful!
and they are getting so many great reviews in a multitude of publications.

caroline's spirit animals would be a mouse and a lion.
 she is very quiet.
and scurries about her day, like a little mouse.
but she has these... moments of great strength as well.
in all the time i have known her, she has always maintained three jobs at a time.
not because she has to.
but because she has incredible work ethic.
most of all caroline is a do'er!
she does not wait.
she dreams things and immediately sets them to action!
this is a quality i really admire in her and wish i had more of.

thank you for unknowingly inspiring me caroline.

anyway, i have rambled enough today.
 so, here is caroline.


you should notice that all of the pics for this post should be nice and big.
i was limiting myself before.
i decided to kick it up a notch.

(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: loathe

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: my suede and fur coat

(3.) what is you zodiac?
a: libra

(4.) describe your style in three words....
quirky, vintage chameleon-esque.


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