Tuesday, February 25, 2014


model: moraa

song/artist: daydream/youth lagoon

i only have four more people to feature after this post! 

i have learned a lot during this month of posting. 
here are the top three:
(1.) hard work sux.
(2.) posting every day gets me a lot of blog hits.
(3.) being committed to something is really hard for me. 

when i started this series i knew that attempting to post 28 different people in one month was going to be a challenge.
 but i never thought that the blog was going to change in the process. 
i never thought my vision for this blog would become clear during this process. 
i, also, never thought this series would receive such a warm welcome from so many people. 

now that i am in my final five posts i hope that i do not lose any of you next month. 
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stay in touch with me, please. 
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so, stay with me. it will be to your benefit! 

pushing ahead! 
here is subject # 24.
this lovely lady is my good friend 

i first met moraa when she was hired at the restaurant i work at.

moraa, is a wonderfully wacky woman. 
she quickly became one of my very good friends. 

i want to start this post by stating,
 that for moraa's photographs i did zero photoshop on her face.
 the woman's skin is perfection! 
 i did not have to do any retouching what so ever. 

her skin is one of the first physical features i ever noticed about her. 
it is a beautiful shade. 
and epically clean and clear of imperfections.

besides have gorgeous blemish free skin, 
moraa is a quirky, sometimes strange girl. 
this part of her, is what really held my attention. 
because as i have said many times before outward appearance may draw me in initially, 
but the content of someone's character is what maintains my attention. 

rarely, does moraa's face express her true feelings. 
she is very stoic in that regard. 
but she does have some very strange and funny expressions when she does reveal herself. 
so, strange that i have re enacted some of them for her at times and we have a grand laugh about them. 

moraa, is my happy little hippy. 
she truly expresses love and positivity always.
 she is the girl you envision when you think of a care free hippy. 
blissfully spinning and dancing in a field of marigolds. 
however, do not think that for one second that moraa can be taken advantage of. 
or that she can not think in depth about l
true sadness. 
because she is a very deep individual. 
but she rarely allows the weight of the world to rest on her shoulders. 
she does not stay in the pool of negative thought for too long.
this is what makes moraa so fun to be with.

 moraa's fashion sense is so on point also. 
in these photographs she is wearing a tame outfit from her collection.
she has some other really out there pieces in her wardrobe. 
her fashion style to me is a combo of lisa bonnet and solange. 
if you don't know who these women are go google them now! 

here are the photographs that moraa and i created on a rainy, snowy, cold day in december. 


(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: i have never really thought of about whether i really love or loathe winter. 
i prefer summer.
but winter is something that we just have to go through. 
i just try to get through the four months as warmly as i can.

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: my favourite item i am wearing right now... is my shirt. 
it's a velvet t-shirt. 
it used to be a dress. 
but i cut it and made it into a t-shirt. 
and i... it's my favourite because it's simple. 
it's just a t-shirt. 
but it's more of an exciting fabric. 
it's velvet. 
and i can wear it to work or i can wear it out.. 
it's easy and really versatile. 

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: my zodiac sign is aries.... that's pretty much it. i am not really into zodiac signs.

(4.) describe your style in three words....
a: i would say that it's..... borrowed.... it'sss thrifted... and it'sssss simple