Sunday, February 09, 2014

coal war

model: stephen (aka pynn)

song/artist: coal war/joshua james

good morning,

today's post is photographically limited in size. 
 it is also not my best work. 
but there is a story behind these images. 
so, get comfortable and read on.

my nineth subject is stephen.  
however, he goes by pynn.
pynn is a regular at the bar i work at. 

 the moment he stepped into the space, he declared the establishment his "new" watering hole. 
in the same way i would imagine an explorer discovering new land.
he was giddy from his "new" finding.  
and he has become a welcomed fixture within it's walls. 

pynn, has been promoted from regular patron to friend of mine,
 over many pints and coversations.
 topics ranging from women to our destinies to sports to our personal lives and upbringings. 

pynn is a suit and tie guy by day. 
but by night is a true social alchemist.

now, here is the story behind these two images.

i had scheduled to photograph pynn and raman on the same day. 
which happened to be one of the first of our many snow storms this year. 
they were scheduled an hour apart from each other. 
we were scheduled to meet within a block of each shoot. 
everything was scheduled to perfection.
 due to the cold weather, my amazing (hint: sarcasm) iphone dies. 
being the 21st century kids that we are.... 
we are completely dependent on our devices. 
so, i had made no back up plan. 
no in case of... 
so, i was left to wander the block looking for a charger. 
or to try and find my subjects. 
i finally walk waaay past our meetng spots to raman's house.
where i know i can find a charger from one of her roommates.

as soon as i plugged in my phone, it begins it's frantic cry for attention. 
revealing messsage after message from both pynn and raman. 
the "where are you?'s "
 in their voicemails growing subtely more frustrated.
through the phone i can feel their cold. 

raman, returns to her house. 
i text pynn that i will be with him in 15min.
i am now an hour and half behind schedule.
pynn's text back: no problem. i found a bar! see you soon.   
raman and i quickly shoot.  

i am now two hours behind schedule.

i call pynn.
as the phone rings the guilt is swelling in my head and heart.
 as i try to think of 1000 ways to make this up to him. 
he cheerily answers 
"hey buddy, you okay? where are you??" 
so casual. 
so happy. 
so obviously warm and out of the blizzard. 

i apologize profusely. 
he replies with a simple 
"no worries. are you going to come have a drink with me?"
he is so refreshingly calm in comparison to the many stressed emotions weighing on me in that moment. 

i tell him i am on my way to the pub that he has found. 

i leave raman's house.
 and head down her street.

 as soon as i step outside... 
i realize that my light 
(a photographer's biggest asset)
 is falling. 

by the time pynn and i begin shooting the light is falling as quickly as a sprinter going for the gold. 
i have little to no time left. 
but i keep shooting. 
mostly out of guilt. 
the photographer inside of me knows that the images i am capturing are going to be useless. they are technically inferior to the other work in this series.
but i need to vindicate pynn's efforts and patience.

in the end, these are the only useable images from this shoot.

pynn and i are booking a re shoot. 
so, you will see him again before months end.

but i wanted to post this today to put in black and white:

thank you for braving the cold, 
for being patient and 
truly participating in this shoot for me. 
you could have easily called it off and you didn't. 
and i love you for that, man. 

that is all for now. 
see you, tomorrow everyone. 



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