Wednesday, February 05, 2014


model: raman

song/artist: cavalier/james vincent mcmorrow

well heelo all,

if you live in toronto, you will know that we are currently being snowed in. 
mother nature is definitely testing us this winter.
now, i could go on and on about how impossible it is to get around the city. 
or how having to walk in the snow is awful. 
but i have to tell ya. 
there is a wonderful stillness to this weather. 
a silence that only a light, consistent, snowfall can bring. 
almost a forced reflection. 
to me, this weather, is stunningly still.
like a photograph.
with that said,
i did just come back from thailand.
there the weather was +30 everyday. 
so, my perspective is skewed.

i would like to introduce, my fifth, subject.
this is my great friend raman!
isn't she ridiculously stunning!
 i am always grateful when raman agrees to pose for me.
because she can be very shy. 

raman is a very soft soul.
very gentle.
and very quiet.
but underneath that she is very sarcastic, highly intelligent and hard working.

in these photos, she reminds of a beautiful storybook heroine.

for this shoot, raman braved, one of our many snow storms this year to pose for me.
she could have easily bailed on me but she didn't.
we were in it for more then an hour.
and she never complained once.
this commitment is a huge gesture.

this is a testament to her character.
finding someone solid, is hard to find these days.
raman, is a woman of her word.

raman, works in communications and does graphic design work.
here is a link to her blog... check it out!

i hope you all enjoy the photographs.

see you tomorrow.


this song.
i felt was the perfect song to this post and this day.
it has been on repeat in my ears for weeks now.
toronto, i insist that you get more of, james vincent mcmorrow.
his lyrics are true poetry.
 and he uses music, to bring his words to life.
get bundled up.
go for slow, long, walk in the snow with no direction planned.
i promise it will feed your soul.

(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: i grew up in the country so winter is beautiful there.
i loathe it in Toronto. 

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: probably my socks.
they’re not attractive but they’re warm!

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: leo

(4.) describe your style in three words....
a: efficient, mismatched, and sometimes preppy.
for someone in communications I should probably try to come up with more eloquent adjectives!


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