Wednesday, February 26, 2014

brandy alexander

model: erin

song/artist: brandy alexander/feist

today, i am just going to jump right in. 

this is subject #25. 
this gorgeous blonde is my friend, erin. 

now, you may notice that erin looks like a certain celebrity....

i'll give you a minute to try and piece it together....

did you think uma. 
if so, you are bang on. 
if not... you are bad at this game. 

erin, is told that she looks like uma thurman daily.
 but what a great comparison! 
i think uma is stunning. 

i met erin through one of my co workers. 
erin is a wonderful mystery. 
just when you think that you can summarize her... she will reveal something about herself that you could not have predicted. 
erin looks very tame but she has an incredibly well hidden wild side.

her and i have become great drinking buddies. 
and we have gotten into quite a few adventures together. 

when i go out with erin, there is no plan as to where the night will take us. 
she loves to keep it movin'. 
new place. 
next stop. 
 she rarely abandons her consistent bars and pubs. 
but in one night, we may hit 5 different places that are consistent to her repertoire. 
at this point in my life, whenever i go out with her, i have to be prepared and open for whatever may happen. 

erin is a women who taught me the power of self deprecating humour. 
it is a wonderful aspect of her personality. 
because it shows that 
(a.) she doesn't take herself too seriously 
(b.) she doesn't judge other people. 
(c.) it takes a lot of self confidence to highlight your flaws for everyone to see and then laugh at them. 

because of this quality, erin, has some of THE best dating stories i have ever heard. 
that's right bachelors she is single... for now. 
if you are lucky enough to be in her circle you get to witness just how wild she can be. 

erin, is very witty and sarcastic as well. 
her humour is what i call an educated humour. 
you have to be with "it" in order to get her jokes sometimes. 

erin's photographs for this series are some of the strongest out of anyone. 
which surprised me a little, 
not because i don't think erin is gorgeous. 
she is.
but because erin can be very awkward at times. 
however, her awkwardness never read on camera. 

erin's fashion style is to be admired. 
she understands fashion. 
she has some really great quality pieces in her wardrobe. 
more then anything erin knows a great pair of shoes! 

she knows the importance that shoes have to an outfit. 
they are the punctuation mark of an ensemble. 

to her (and i) shoes end the sentence. 
so, if you are someone who does not understand shoes.... 
let me tell you right now,
 shoes are what everyone hears and sees when you walk into a room. 
shoes more then any other item will tell people who you are in this world. 
so, make sure your shoe game right! 

have a great day everyone

(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: um.. i have mixed relationship with it.

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: it has to be my coat.
i love it because of the
leather sleeves
the leather piping
the collar.

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: my zodiac sign is aquarius.

(4.) describe your style in three words...
a: i'm gunna saaaaay....
cool, black, simple.


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