Saturday, February 15, 2014

birthday song

model: alex

song/artist: birthday song/ 2chainz ft. kanye


i am officially past the halfway point with posts for the month.
this is hands down the most committed i have ever been to anything!! 
as i have posted before i am flaky. 
so this is a huge accomplishment for me. 

today, is a party day for some reason. 
perhaps is because i am going out tonight. 
but also, 
i put my itunes on shuffle 
and all party anthems came up. 
which is strange because i have a lot of emo infused music on my itunes account. 
but today... all party anthems!

this is very kismet, the random party anthem playlist.... 
because living in a country where is it cold and grey for half the year....
holidays become markers for when the weather will get better. 
  i have always said that after valentine's day 
it is all good holidays and warm weather to look forward to.
 so obviously, my itunes got the memo and is joining the celebration of things to come. 

today's song was literally the song that played when i started writing this.... so i posted it.
 hopefully all of you can get excited and in a party mood wit it.

moving onward this is subject fifteen!

this handsome man's name is alex. 

now... i will start by saying that i don't know alex. 
the day we took these photographs is the day i met alex. 

he is friends with 
nolan (from the party girls post) 
eric (from the simple things post) 
this is why their photos are all shot in the same space. 

when alex arrived. 
i thought 
"o this guy has great style"
 he had sunglasses on so my second thought was 
"please do not let this guy be crossed eyed." 
thankfully he was not.
 when we started shooting i thought 
"okay this guy is going to be great. he knows his marks. he knows how to pose. perfect." 

after the shoot i asked for his contact info, so i could send him the interview questions. 
and he could text me his answers. 

i was a little concerned about how i was going to do his post... 
because i do not know anything about him. 
well, let me tell you 
alex and i have been texting for the past two months off and on. 
and because we are using this medium i have a hard time deciphering when he is trolling me 
when he is being honest. 
he says a lot of crazy white boy shit that has me constantly laughing! 

here is a sample of our text convos:

and this is just from today. 
those texts should summarizes alex to perfection. 

thank you, 
for coming out that day. 
you are a fantastic human and absolutely hilarious. 

here are the photos that alex and i created back in december.

happy saturday all

(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
a: i love winter for the adventures it brings - sleigh rides, 
snowed in cottages, 
and fireplaces for bitter nights

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
a: the track suit 
(i can't find the brand name) 
from @livestockcanada.
livestock on spadina is a must have lounging, and spontaneous adventure

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: i am a leo

(4.) describe your style in three words...
a:  comfortable, fitted, and durable. 
i have been told my style has a sartorial nonchalance feel.


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