Thursday, February 13, 2014


model: marino

song/artist: afterlife/arcade fire

lucky numba 13! 

ello all,

today's song selection was chosen in the hope that you will have a little dance party today.
if you are at work, i strongly encourage you and your co workers have a six minute dance party to this song. 
i promise everyone will be better after. 
so, far i have had 3 dance parties just trying to write this post.
if you can listen to this song and not move your body.... you are not living!!!

in fact this whole album is full of songs that you can have a dance party to. 
the first time i heard it, 
i was on the fence 
(obviously, because i am a judge-y biatch at times.)
but when i got to this song, afterlife,
 i cranked the volume and danced around my living room like a freak. 
between afterlife, porno, and reflektor..... this album will get you your 30min. of heart racing carido for the day.
 get this album!

moving on!!
subject thirteen is my great friend marino.
is the other half to ian 
(another great friend of mine.)

is a hilarious, 

i spend a lot of time around artists, 
and marino is a welcomed breathe of fresh air for me. 
to hear his take on things from the perspective of someone not in the art world is so energizing.
he is so clear. 
and literal 
in his interpretation of things.

i say this, 
unbeknownst to him, 
marino got me shooting again. 

if you have been a long time follower of citizenheart, you will know that before this series 
"staying stylish while staying warm"
 i had not posted for eight months!!! 
i had lost my creative vision. 
i had lost my drive.
i was feeling inferior and self conscious in my abilities.
and i had lost my excitement for shooting and posting to this blog.

back in october of 2013,
 marino and a bunch of us were having drinks. 
 very organically, marino started asking me about the blog. 
what i was doing. 
where it was going. 
 why i hadn't posted in so long. 
he was not asking to try and inspire me. 
he was not asking because he wanted to get me to shoot again. 
he was genuinely asking as my friend. 

i have to tell you all, that conversation is the direct reason for this series. 

his honesty, about how he sees my work helped me get better. 
he helped get me back in the saddle. 

marino is a beautiful soul for that. 
and i am forever indebted to you friend.
 i am sooo grateful to have you in my life. 
and i often wonder what i did to deserve ya. 

sometimes the great things in life are so simple. 
and so easy to miss. 
but when you see them it is important that you recognize and pay homage to the people and situations in your life that change you. 
i often think that we are waiting for the grand gestures, moments and events to change us.... but it is often the small rocks in our path that change our direction. 
and make us better people. 

marino, thank you for theoretically putting my camera back in my hands. 




(1.) do you love or loathe winter?
 a: i love winter!

(2.) what is your favourite item you are wearing right now? and why?
 a: uh, it's definitely my vest. because it's uh just the coolest thing i have on and it's vintage.

(3.) what is your zodiac sign?
a: i' m a taurus

(4.) describe your style in three words...
a: figuring it out


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  1. Love the photos. Marino is an amazing guy and Marla is a great artist.